1. Polyglot Records
    Melbourne, Australia
  2. DevilMonkey
    Melbourne, Australia
  3. Unknown Land
  4. Gravity Feeder
    Melbourne, Australia
  5. Microchip Junky
  6. Deadlights
  7. Walter Fini
  8. The Ambiguity
    Iowa City, Iowa
  9. E-Con Samplers
    Melbourne, Australia


E-Con Records VIC, Australia

On the 11/11/11, the Electronomicon Group was born as a modest Facebook Group of 10 or so Friends to exchange feedback on each others music. It has since grown into 2 Vibrant, Creative Communities of Artists spanning the Globe. E-CON Records is a device for giving a public voice to these Incredibly Talented Independent artists. Seek us out! ... more

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